GETTING SEXY is getting dressed and feeling CONFIDENT.
GETTING SEXY is having the energy to play with your KIDS.
GETTING SEXY is getting in the best shape of your LIFE.

GETTING SEXY is eating to live not living to eat.
GETTING SEXY is getting results every week.
GETTING SEXY is proving to yourself that you can do it.
GETTING SEXY is being PROUD AF of yourself.


I don't believe in dieting 👎
I believe in intentional living 💯
I believe in making decisions based on goals 💪

I believe in being a healthy EXAMPLE
I believe in abolishing child obseity and anorexia

SO if your goal is to feel amazing and be SEXY LIKE A BOSS...
Then make POWERFUL decisions on what
you choose to FUEL your SEXY BOSS BODY with 😘👸🏻

Cup half empty? Or half full?
Depriving? Or making powerful choices?

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring?!
That's sooo 2008.
Welcome to the BEST life ever.

MY Nutrition plan includes:
•Dessert like shakes, cakes, Popsicles, donuts, etc. 😍 #YoureWelcome
•Bomb meal prep that FUELS my body and is in alignment with my GOALS
•Tea, Liftoff or total control when I need an energy boost LIKE A BOSS
•Tribe of BOSSBABE SEXIES to support you and hold you accountable